We were awarded 5 star rating by Worcestershire Health Inspectors on 3rd June 2021

Tea Room Menu

Organic English Breakfast Tea (Assam)     £ 2.50
Decaf English Breakfast Tea     £ 2.60
Earl Grey Tea (Orange Pekoe)     £ 2.60
Sencha Green Tea     £ 2.60
Bora Bora (fruit Infusion)     £ 2.60
Gingerbread Rooibos (N)     £ 2.60
Magic Dragon (green and white tea)     £ 2.60
Orange Blossom Tea     £ 2.60
Rose Black Tea    £2.60
We also have seasonal teas, please ask a member of staff

We serve cafetiere coffee
small (3cups)    £ 4.00 / large (6 cups)    £ 6.00

We have a daily selection of cakes. Made by a local baker, Bon Sucree
We also cater for gluten free and vegan. 
Please notify us of any food intolerances and food allergies when booking afternoon teas.
Our cakes are made in a kitchen that has produced food with nuts and a selection of our cakes contain nuts.